Our campground is now closed for winter time and reopens on April 15, 2024.
Welcome back then!
Booking online for 2024 is possible starting mid-December.

Activity packages

There are many possibilities to explore the beautiful nature of Tiveden.
The following ideas can be realized directly from our campground with our help and be adapted to your individual needs.

Please note, all activities are at your own risk.

All our Canadian canoes have 3 seats but the prices below are with paddles and life jackets for 2 people. The 3rd person only pays an extra life jacket. Wearing a life jacket is mandatory (you can also bring your own)
Day trip on lake Unden (6 hours) 2 pers 350 sek
Robinson island trip paddle on lake Unden, 24 hours, Sleep in your tent or hammock or under the stars on an uninhabited island Max 2 pers
(for a unique nature experiance
500 sek
Option: incl. tent or 2 hammocks 1000 sek
Option: we can provide your self-service grill and breakfast 1500 sek
Daytrip Bosjön-Unden; 15 km paddling on 6 different lakes with also landdistances. Finish at the camping strand. Incl. transport to the startingpoint. 2 pers 700 sek
Two-days paddling Bosjön-Unden; along 6 different lakes,with overnight stay on a island or in a shelter along the route. Including transportation to the starting point 2 pers 1200 sek
Option: including a tent/hammock and we can provide your self-service grill and breakfast 2000 sek
Other rentals: Per block: 3 hours
((1 single hour is always 100 sek)
2 blocks: 6 hours
Canadian canoe 2-3 pers
(incl. 2 lifejackets)
175 sek 350 sek
Kayak 1 pers
(incl. 1 lifejacket)
175 sek 350 sek
Rowboat, max 2-3 pers
(incl. 2 lifejackets)
175 sek 350 sek
Rowboat with (whisper)motor
max 2-3 pers
(incl. 2 lifejackets)
300 sek 500 sek
Windsurfing / SUP board
Several types to choose from
(Incl. lifejacket; take your own wetsuit)
175 sek 350 sek

Bicycle tours:
Maps available.
'Bergvattnet' tour; 18 km, with potential coffeebreak at Bakstugan traditional bakery and sightseeing at Kolarkojorna.
Tour 'Kungsrundan' with visit to National Park Tiveden, and the special beach of ‘Vitsand’; 35 km.
Tour 'Vargrundan'; passes historic wolf caves and bring a visit to Fagertärn; 40 km.
Separate Bicycle rental Per block: 3 hours
(1 single hour is always 100 sek)
2 blocks: 6 hours
Universal bicycle
with gears
175 sek 350 sek

Maps available.
Hikes from the campsite are marked yellow, orange, blue or white, varying from 45 minutes to 2 hours. The blue route (Camping-Bergvattnet hike) passes a grill site, so you could bring a grill picknick and can take a bath in the lake!
Bergslagleden, stage 15, 16 en 17
Single, double or triple day trips with potential overnight at a typical Swedish windshelter or (bring your own) tent or hammock.
Several hike and climb coursesin the National Park of Tiveden. Different lengths and difficulty.
 - Breakfast, Lunch or Grill/picknick package (to book)
 - Transport to -or from- a self selected point, for you or just your luggage.

Sailing on the lake Unden; using lifejackets is required.
Rental of sailingboat (incl. lifejacket) On presenting a sailing proficiency certificate! per 3 hours
Max 4 pers.
750 sek
Sailing with guidance
Only in the low season
Booking in advance
per hour
Max 4 pers.
500 sek

Horse riding:
Offer and information in our immediate vicinity
In our area is the adventure center 'Ösjönäs' where also forest tours with Icelandic horses are offered. From 2 hours to day trips. From 12 years and some experience required. The tours are in groups with guidance. Average . 2 - 6 pers in a group. A truly wonderful experience! Incl. fika (coffee with sweets).
Book online yourself at https://osjonas.se/en/horseback-rides/

Mini survival package:
3 day survival trip. Enjoy the Swedish nature by alternately cycling, walking and canoeing. Spend the night in a tent or shelter and eat and enjoy in the evening by the campfire. Incl. meals.
More info!
kids < 12 yrs
1700 sek
1500 sek

Historical walk package:
2 day trip on historic foot and waterways of monks and pilgrims You leave by bike from Camping Tiveden, enjoy freshly roasted coffee, walk straight through fairytale forests and arrive back at the campsite by paddling. Overnight at a B&B in the middle of the forest. Includes all meals.
Option: use of sauna
Meer info
p.p. 1500 sek

Block of 3 hours.
The ultimate relaxation in a wood-fire heated sauna-barrel at the lakeside, optionally followed by a chilling swim in beautiful and clear lake Unden. 2 - 10pers 500~1000 sek

Grill house:
Block of 3 hours.
Rainy weather? Barbecue is still possible in our wooden grill house at the lakeside.
Incl. a bag of grill wood.
2-6 pers. 150 sek

Camping Tiveden