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Route description

Navigation aid

Note: In recente years navigation devices have improved significantly. The description below is probably no longer needed and you can simply enter Camping Tiveden or its address directly on your smartphone,

Older text:

As Camping Tiveden is located in a real rural area, most navigation devices do not know the names of the roads and villages. Depending on the brand of your device, you can try below methods of entering our address:

If your device supports exact coordinates:

Do take note what format your device wants. This can vary per device, but most common is decimal degrees:

Degrees:N +58.7986°E +14.5391°
Minutes:N +58° 47.92'E +14° 32.35'
Seconds:N +58° 47' 54"E +14° 32' 20"

From the north, west and east:

Enter as target the town Undenäs. Also enter to travel via village Finnerödja.

Follow the route via Finnerödja to Undenäs, but stop when you are still 21km (13 miles) from Undenäs. You will find the camping at your right hand side.

From the south:

Enter as target the village Finnerödja. Also enter to travel via Karlsborg.

Follow the route via Karlsborg to Finnerödja, but stop when you are still 17km (11 miles) from Finnerödja. You will find the camping at your left hand side.

With a motorhome or caravan you may want to also travel via Undenäs as the roads will be slightly larger. So if you want you can use route via Karlsborg, then via Undenäs, to Finnerödja